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G. Ernest Hamilton
Saint John, New Brunswick

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Maritime Ship & Yacht Brokers - Featured Listing I founded MSY in 1979 after discovering, in a boat search for myself, that yacht brokerage service was not available in eastern Canada. Yes there were a few yacht dealerships that brokered trade-ins, but professional yacht brokerage service, devoid of the conflict inherent with new boat sales, was unavailable.

At that time, McMichael Yacht Brokers, of Mamaroneck New York, franchised offices all over North America. I acquired the franchise for eastern Canada and set up shop as McMichael Maritime. I operated under that name for 8 years.

Through the McMichael association, I became the first Canadian member of the Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA). This organization has done much to improve the professionalism of the yacht brokerage business throughout the continent. Dealing with a YBAA member broker assures professionalism and adherence to a code of conduct.

Eventually a generational change resulted in a closure of McMichael franchise operations. I have carried on under the name of Maritime Ship & Yacht Brokers Inc. (MSY) ever since.

I have owned cruising sailboats for many years but my parents always had larger power boats. The combination of experiences gives me a comfort level with a wide range of boats including commercial vessels. I have owned both wooden and fiberglass yachts. I do my own maintenance and I coastal cruise extensively on a boat I have owned for 4 decades. Have you ever noticed the number of people in the boat-business who do not own boats?

Through hundreds of boat sales I have worked hard to under promise and over deliver. Knowledgeable, caring, professional yacht brokerage is the goal.

On this website you will find Sail, Power & Commercial vessel listings; boat-keeping and maintenance advice; cruising tips for area waters; and a large list of marine oriented links. Besides the web, established brokers have a reserve of qualified buyers which they cultivate. So while internet promotion is important, personal connections and referrals are still the best means of selling boats.

Whether buying or selling, I look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you.

Remember: 'A qualified broker is your best protection'.

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